System Training

All FICRAS system training is conducted by FICRAS Compliance Officers who have the expertise and skills to effectively communicate the training needs of each constituent. Training is conducted "free of charge" in a hands on electronic environment that permits complete communications between trainers and students in answering even the most complex questions as part of the training process. First, the lenders (production team) and the appraisal review department (ARD) credit policy teams are trained to enable each person to understand and navigate through the system easily and efficiently. Next, the appraisal review department (ARD) credit policy team and the valuation service providers (appraisal panel) members are trained to enable each constituent to respond effectively in delivering the appropriate appraisal products. On-going training and support, together with complete tutorials to assist all user constituents in the event a question arises is provided. FICRAS training is an on-going process and each institution's assigned FICRAS Compliance Officer and their support staff are ready to provide training, where, when and how you need it.